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  3. I saw the light

    to all #hiddlestoners out there : there is a open casting call in Louisiana for the movie “I saw the light” staring TOM HIDDLESTON !!!!
    So try your luck and maybe you will meet the god of mischief himself …. who knows ?

    link : http://www.projectcasting.com/casting-calls-and-auditions/hank-williams-biopic-i-saw-the-light-open-casting-call-for-speaking-roles/

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    Fell asleep rewatching ‘The Avengers’ last night. Woke up to this. 

    What a sight for sore eyes.

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    Revenge is sweet

    Always reblog

    HAHAHAHAHA I have never seen this. Amazing. 

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  9. "We shouldn’t be focusing on Loki. His brain is a bag full of cats, you can smell the crazy on him."
    —  Dr. Bruce Banner (in the Avengers)

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